Rebuilding the American Dream & Supporting Our Middle Class

Most Americans are working harder, longer, and more hours, but still can’t make ends meet.

        The American Dream

        Hard work and a little bit of luck used to mean you could have a roof over your head, food on the table, tuck a little bit of money away for retirement, and maybe pay for your child’s college education. It was the middle-class dream. It has become a nightmare for most people in Colorado. Let’s restore the American Dream for Coloradans.

        Our Middle Class

        Our country was built on a simple principle. That if you worked hard and followed the rules, you could prosper. For so many that is no longer a reality.

        Few own their own business in Colorado, but for most Americans it is their dream and one of the few ways to get ahead financially. That dream is even stronger for younger people. Yet, we; as a government; do little to encourage this kind of growth through incentives and tax breaks. 

        This has become the American Dream, and we must do everything possible to encourage this dream of innovation and motivation. I will explore every possible policy initiative to encourage this new dream. Let us, together, make Colorado the leader of the United States in small business growth.