Independent candidate cements ballot spot for House District 18 race

On her second try, the independent candidate for Colorado’s House District 18 collected enough signatures to earn a spot on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Maile Foster, one of five state House and Senate candidates backed by nonprofits Unite Colorado and Unite America, fell 135 signatures short in July.


Alerted to the shortage by the Secretary of State’s Office, she filed a supplemental batch this month, pushing her over the 400-signature requirement, a spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday.

The other four independent candidates backed by Unite Colorado and Unite America saw their signatures validated last month.


With her spot on the ballot confirmed, Foster will face Democrat Marc Snyder and Republican Mary Elizabeth Fabian.


They’re running to replace Rep. Pete Lee, D-Colorado Springs, who is seeking a Colorado Senate seat. Fabian was selected by El Paso County Republican Party officials late last month after the original Republican nominee dropped out of the race.


Of the three candidates, Foster and Snyder have a strong fundraising lead, with $29,751 and $34,354 collected, respectively, as of Aug. 1, say campaign finance reports.


Fabian’s filing showed she had collected just $610, though she since said that is well below what she has now.


“We are going to win,” Foster tweeted Tuesday morning with a picture of her face in a rearview mirror. “Objects in your mirror are closer than they appear.”


“There may be three people in this race, but voters just have two choices to make: Waste their vote by supporting a Republican or Democrat and continue to get gridlock and dysfunction or support our independent campaign and chart a new course of putting people over party and solving problems to get things done,” Foster said in a news release.


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