Colorado Springs, CO -- Wednesday, May 30​– After outraising her Republican and two Democratic opponents combined in the January 1 - May 2 fundraising report for Colorado State House District 18; Maile Foster, a small business owner and former Rotary Club of Colorado Springs President, won the endorsement of a Colorado Springs heavyweight that both Democrats and Republicans strive to garner.

Former Mayor of Colorado Springs, Mary Lou Makepeace announced her support of Foster’s run for the State House, “ Maile Foster will be a change agent in the Colorado Legislature. As an Independent she will consider what is best for us the people who voted for her - and not the party establishment. A small business owner and financial advisor, she is the candidate we can count on to tackle problems the legislature and political gridlock have not been able to solve. I’m proud to support her as an Independent for the State House.”

Mary Lou Makepeace is a former Republican, but broke ranks with the party last year after becoming Independent. Makepeace held the title of Mayor from 1997-2003 before being term-limited. She was the first woman to ever become mayor of Colorado Springs. Foster hopes to become the first woman [person] ever elected to the State Legislature in Colorado as an Independent.

Foster stated, “Colorado Springs is a better place because of Mayor Makepeace. I am honored to have her support and wisdom on our campaign. It’s becoming more clear that even though there will be three people in this race, voters will only have two choices to make: Waste their vote by supporting a Republican or Democrat and continue to get gridlock and dysfunction -- or chart a new course with us by electing a pragmatic Independent who will stand up to party bosses and focus on solving problems.”


Colorado State House District 18
Colorado State House District 18 is located in El Paso County and includes the cities of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs.

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