Fiscal Responsibility & Transparency

I will work with all sides to see what we can cut or what funds we can redistribute within the current state budget

        I will be honest about our finances and quit employing budget gimmicks that the parties are using to get around TABOR, e.g., charging fees instead of raising taxes. Only when it is absolutely necessary will I let the legislature come to the voters to ask for money. When that happens, I will be prepared to make the case to the voters for an increase in revenue.

        Someone needs to take the lead in fixing the decades old problems with TABOR. Republicans are acting like nothing is wrong with TABOR and Democrats want to scrap it completely. Coloradans deserve better.

        As an independent, unaffiliated with a political party, I will be in the position to talk to both sides, find common ground, propose common-sense solutions that all sides can get behind. This will finally allow Colorado to use its resources in a productive and fiscally responsible way.

        TABOR was intended to restrict the growth of big government and reduce wasteful spending. However, in practice, TABOR is shrinking our government to the point it must shrink services. I support common-sense reforms that don’t raise taxes. One example of such a common-sense reform is improving the TABOR measurement from one based on consumer inflation to one based on personal income. This will give our state the ability as a state to invest when we are growing and tighten our belt when we are not.